Our history, infrastructure and the application of various products.


Conheça a Baxmann

The Baxmann, founded in 1947, has based its market performance by the constant pursuit of total customer satisfaction and employees. For over half a century of history and relying on a modern industrial park of over 12,000 m², was consolidated as an icon in the supply of metal parts for the shoe industry, clothing, cartons and other important segments of the national market.



Eyelets application with washer

The Eyelets with washers ensure quality applications without damaging the parts. They attribute the difference to your collection bringing more durability and value.

Push-button application

The Push Button is used in fashion in general, sports parts, covers of cars and boats among others. They have models and varied finishes in the standard of quality and durability Baxmann.

Flexible button application

In various finishes and models, Flexible Buttons are great for use in jeans. Feature mobile base for easy buttoning, bringing more convenience in their applications.

Eyelets with claw application

Eyelets with the claws are used for applications in bags clothing and other materials such as tarpaulins, plastic, paper and similar, and have high strength and durability.

Rivet application

With numerous designs and finishes the rivets have quality and are used for various applications, for clamping functions and which further strengthening the collection value.

Eyelets application

The eyelets are used to pass cords, laces, ribbons, in decorative functions and as fasteners. The line of Eyelets own designs, colors and various finishes.

ISO 9001 Área Restrita
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